MI5 Bev Pacas


Bev Pacas (pronounced: puts-us) is the Moses Merrill Camp and Conference Center, Camp Director. Bev is also a certified Lay Minister with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. She is an active leader in her local church, the Edensberg Lutheran Church in Malmo, NE. Bev is married to her husband Joel, they have four grown children and six grandchildren. 

In this episode Bev shares her heart for people, ministry, and MMCCC. Listen in to learn about the many things happening at camp and the big dreams that shapes her joyful spirit. 

Contact Info:

email: bevpacas@gmail.com

Phone: 402-443-6663

Website: http://campmerrill.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CampMerrill/?ref=br_rs


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