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June 15, 2021  

Church, Camp, and Foster Closet with Nolan and Amanda Hayes

My guests today are Nolan and Amanda Hayes of First Baptist Church, Beatrice, NE. Nolan is the senior pastor and Amanda is the director of the Foster Care Closet. While each are called individually to serve in their unique ministry roles, they are also a married couple who have found fun ways to minister together in Beatrice since 2017. Nolan and Amanda are the parents of four children. In addition to his role as pastor at FBC, Nolan serves as Camp Pastor to Junior Camp at Moses Merrill Camp and Conference Center. 


FBC Beatrice https://www.facebook.com/First-Baptist-Church-Beatrice-155628924578092/

Foster Care Closet of Nebraska https://fostercarecloset.org

Camp Moses Merrill http://campmerrill.com/



May 24, 2021  

The Nones, the Church, and Baseball with Ryan Burge

Rev. Dr. Ryan Burge is the Assistant Professor of Political Science as well as the Graduate Coordinator at Eastern Illinois University. He is author of The Nones: Where They Came From, Who They Are, and Where They Are GoingIn the book he details a comprehensive picture of Americans who say they have no religious affiliation. I give readers a nuanced, accurate, and meaningful picture of the growing number of Americans who say that they have no religious affiliation. This book explains how this rise happened, who the nones are, and what they mean for the future of American religion.

Ryan is also the pastor of First Baptist Church in Mt. Vernon, IL, and ABC Congregation.

Learn more about Ryan at http://ryanburge.net/

Follow Ryan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryanburge


May 10, 2021  

Wrestling with a call with Blake Wilkes

Rev. Blake Wilkes is the Pastor of the only congregation in Arthur County, NE, the Arthur Baptist Church. Blake is loves outdoor activities like skiing, riding trails, camping, and water sports. He is also a humble and compassionate pastor who gets excited about discipleship. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Blake Wilkes.


Arthur Baptist Church: https://www.facebook.com/arthurbaptistchurch

Blake Wilkes: https://www.facebook.com/blake.wilkes.12

American Baptist Churches of Nebraska: http://abcnebraska.com/wp/

Table Life: https://table-life.org/


April 12, 2021  

Relationships, Identity, and Kingdom with Mark De Kluyver

Rev. Mark De Kluyver is the Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church in Kearney, NE. Mark is passionate about discipleship. This is a great conversation that is helpful for anyone curious about how to engage in discipleship in the local church as we continue to work our way out of COVID restrictions. 


FBC Kearney: https://kearneyfb.org/

Mark De Kluyver staff page: http://kearneyfb.org/about/#staff


April 5, 2021  

Grilling out with Clint Walker

Rev. Clint Walker is the pastor of FBC North Platte, NE. He shares his love of people, grilling, and local church ministry. We compare cooking skills to ministry of the future. 


FBC North Platte: https://www.fbcnorthplatte.org/

FBC NP Social: https://www.facebook.com/FirstbaptistchurchNP

ABC Nebraska: http://abcnebraska.com/





April 1, 2021  

Journalism and Talkin Sox with Curtis Ramsey-Lucas

Curtis Ramsey-Lucas is the editor of The Christian Citizen and commissioned missionary for the American Baptist Home Mission Society. He and I discuss journalism, art, books, and more. The Red Sox even make an appearance. 


The Christian Citizen https://christiancitizen.us/

In this Together: Ministry in Times of Crisis book: https://smile.amazon.com/InThisTogether-Ministry-Times-Crisis/dp/0817018239/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=curtis+ramsey+lucas&qid=1615415030&sr=8-1







March 29, 2021  

Midwest roots & Baptist heritage with Bill Prather

Bill Prather is the pastor of historic First Baptist Church in Omaha, NE. During our conversation we talk his Baptist heritage, Midwest roots, and the shifting ministry landscape for FBC Omaha and the American Church generally. 



http://www.omahafbc.org/wp/ First Baptist Church Omaha

http://campmerrill.com/ Moses Merrill Camp and Conference Center

https://table-life.org/ Table Life: An Invitation to Everyday Discipleship

http://abcnebraska.com/wp/ ABC Nebraska

March 22, 2021  

Spiritual Direction with Jeff Savage

Rev. Dr. Jeff Savage is a Spiritual Director and Pastor Emeritus of FBC Springfield, OR. He and his wife Janet are hosts of Sacred Space Vida, a spiritual retreat center in Oregon. Their home and retreat center were lost during the west coast wild fires in 2020. They are in the process of rebuilding. During our conversation we discuss the role of a spiritual director, the benefits of spiritual direction, and what to expect in such a relationship.


Jeff Savage Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeff.savage.583

Sacred Space Vida: https://www.sacredspacevida.com/


March 15, 2021  

Spiritual disciplines and at home worship with John Sievering

John Sievering is the pastor of Benson Baptist Church in Omaha, NE. During our conversation we talk about rec league sports, back up plans for ministry, spiritual disciplines, and how to create hands on worship engagements even from home. 



http://www.omahabbc.com/ Benson Baptist Church

http://campmerrill.com/ Moses Merrill Camp and Conference Center

https://table-life.org/ Table Life: An Invitation to Everyday Discipleship

http://abcnebraska.com/wp/ ABC Nebraska

March 8, 2021  

Worship online and in person with FBC Gardner

Worship shapes our faith and what we believe. Preparing each week for worship is challenging in the best of times. Since COVID pushed many of our in person experiences online, the challenges have been magnified. Yet we know that quality Christ centered worship is a feast for the soul.

Our special guest are the praise team from the American Baptist Church of FBC Gardner, KS. Because we have learned that consuming religious content is not the same thing as participating in Christian community, our conversation focuses on the theological as well as technical aspects to leading worship in this new landscape. FBC Gardner has done this better than most and I hope you are encouraged by our conversation.  

FBC Gardner website: https://www.gardnerfirstbaptist.com/

FBC Gardner Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gardnerfirstbaptist/

FBC Gardner YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8ai87KB41lcdCRPmqYttQ


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